Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sephi Bergerson

here...i found a new documentary photographer sephi bergerson based in new delhi since 2002. sephi takes on a few wedding assignments every year...which i think is just super..he is also documenting his work in a book on indian wedding photography!! a glimpse of his work..for more just click here !!


  1. Hi Kanika,
    thanks for the mention :-) I hope to be shooting your wedding as well when the time comes :-)
    all the best

  2. My studio in New Delhi is very well equipped with the high - tech set-up, designers, expert stylist and staff to hold still photo-shoots any time of the week.
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  3. Hi Kanika,

    I am getting married in October. I want a really good wedding photographer who can take beautiful pictures but i am not high on budget. Can u suggest me any?