Saturday, June 27, 2009

hear it for the broke ass bride

i mean seriously i wish i had more followers so i could share it with more ppl than just 4 :) but i got onto some seriously good stuff today....
this above is Dana the broke ass bride and dana and hunter the broke ass couple....all pics from her must have been a mad mad fun wedding...and they had our very own ganpati on their wedding invite!!.they even made a fun video of their love story called fresh hubby of LA..
pls guys and gals..its a must watch....soo creative and mad....!!
i hope to have as much fun at my wedding as much as these guys seem to have had at theirs...and i take this chance to publicly declare my love for my boyfriend(i can't call him anything else right now can i??) looking at this blog as suddenly pumped feeling of love in my own self..hehhe
so here it is....
VIVEK I LOVE YOU...its youuuuu....its youuuuu (shrill like sigur ros:)

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