Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Colourful Dream

i'm thinking of keeping a bright and colourful colour palette for my wedding and just love these photos above by Karen Wise. check out more photographs from Priti's colourful wedding in india here.
i hope i'll be able to convince a tent walla to give me exactly this when time comes...still undecided on the dates (had a fight with my boyfriend) and so a bit gloomy but these pics have lifted my mood and it can only get better from here:)

now i have a what extent are the husbands to be involved in this whole wedding planning? it takes two to marry...does is also take two to plan? or can i go on doing this on my own (ha)?
traditionally in india..the wedding ceremony and dinner are paid for by the bride's parents, so i would assume that it is the bride's side of the family that take all wedding decor related decisions. hmm.. yes i think thats how it works.


  1. oye..we are splitting all the bills..and amit is going to be sourcing all the stuff for us..he is really good at it..

    so yeah..and i am in on the color palette and flowers and tent wala and the card and the mithai etc no so easy missy to have it all your way..and i know you wish you did.

  2. so u think by saying this on a public platform u'll be gaining some brownie points hmm?? we will discuss it at length when u are have patience:)

  3. That was funny! :)

  4. Hehe how sweet to read your and Vivek's comments. Congrats to both of you and you make a lovely pair :).

    I so wish to have a very unique nice wedding decor but at the same time not spend too much as well. Any suggestions for Wedding Decorators in Delhi? Did you have a another party doing wedding decorations or just asked Hotel to use their own decorators?

    Thanks for all your help