Thursday, June 18, 2009

love the look!

images via google image search
love the punjabi look worn by Kareena Kapoor in the movie Jab We met...and the colour is great for a sangeet!


  1. :) i'm glad you like...saw your profile and couldn't trace you...where are you from??..Hi!!

  2. I'm in Nottingham, UK. Just wandered across your blog and found it fascinating. I remember our wedding--it was over 4 years ago now--and it was so much fun getting it organised. I had one good piece of advice given to me by a friend. she said, "Organise all you want, but on the day just enjoy. things may nt go to plan, but don't worry, remember it is the greatest day of your life."

  3. Hi there!
    That is sound advice i'm sure i won't forget it!

    Thanks and cheers:)

  4. Hi, That is a nice outfit. Do keep in focus that its about you and him and everything else is just extra. Good luck!