Saturday, August 22, 2009

Flower Decoration

Flower Decoration is such an integral part of the daily life in my Country and plays a big part in the decoration of a wedding venue! No wedding is compete without flowers don't you agree?

So now the big question...what kind of flowers would I want adorning my wedding venue? Do I want imported flowers? No I don't think so. I would want to go the traditional route and stick to these gorgeous colour/flower combinations below..

Aam ki patti (mango leaf), is used for most hindu religious ceremonies and is believed in Vastu Shastra that mango leaves absorb negativity and helps in keeping the environment pure.
Genda ka phool or the Marigold flower is also an important part of flower offerings made to Gods in Hinduism. Read more on the significance of Marigild flower here and here .

I love this arrangement of Marigold Garlands above and would want something close to this at my wedding...what do you think?

Another sweet smelling and pretty flower used extensively in Hindu Culture is the Mogra (Jasmine). Read more here.

How can a Hindu floral arrangement be complete without the sweet smelling Indian Gulab or the rose?
Hmm so that what I am thinking for the decoration...let me know what you think:)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Cultural Divide

I didn't think it exists...not in urban India..not in Delhi and definitely not around me, but it does and I seem to have only recently woken up to it.

You know I am a Punjabi Kshatriya (derived from Sanskrit ksatra meaning power, dominion, government) girl and I am about to marry a Vaisya (derived from Vishal meaning to live essentially merchant and trader community) boy with roots in Haryana.

Ideally there shouldn't really be a big cultural/ideological divide between the two castes. They are similar in status, both belong to Northern India and both today speak Hindi.

I realised it isn't as easy as I thought and that there still exists a big divide between the two cultures. Now I wonder if this cultural and ideological difference exists because of the caste one belongs to or are other factors such as occupation, social/regional/family backgrounds, exposure etc. more important?

The Problem:
I come from a very liberal family background and am really thankful for it. I have seen my cousins/aunts/uncles get married to partners of their choice ranging from Marathis/Bengalis/Jains/Biharis/Japanese/Italian/Tamilians/Marwaris..inter region, inter caste, inter religion.
I grew up in such environments and it has been such a blast! I thought that all my friends and contemporaries come from a similar set up...and most of them do.

When I met my 'Mister' he was so cool and open. I was studying in a Design College (extremely radical) and he in an Engineering College. Mister wanted to write a book and travel the world, make a short film and spend all the savings (when talking about future) on music and books and movies. We must keep only necessary furniture when we have a house he'd say..we were 20 then. looking at him I imagined/ assumed he came from an equally liberal family.
Mister is cool and open today as well...but I realised that his family is more conservative than I thought possible and this discovery came as a small shock. It has unsettled me. Please note that when I say his family, I am talking of his larger family which is conservative (they haven't had a single inter caste/love marriage in the family) and in turn it makes Mister's immediate family of 5 become conformists just so they can please the larger family. In isolation I think the 5 of them do just fine and maybe liberal at heart...but only in isolation and weddings aren't one of those occasions where isolation is possible. Not everything is as smooth as I imagined because of this and that is my problem!

Now what should I do? How do I come to terms with this reality? How come I didn't prepare myself for it? What is expected from the Liberal Daughter in Law facing this Conservative Reality? Why didn't Mister prepare me enough for this? Why must I feel like an outsider and the guilty party when in reality it isn't me who the family should be up against but the Son who didn't comply with their wishes?

Are feelings like these normal and every bride to be goes through them? Is this just a phase and will pass? I hope so! I would love to know what you think about this and if any of you relate to some part of it?

Oh and to top it all my horoscope says I'm "Manglik" (its not a good thing) and that is the material for another post!

ps: this post is in no way meant to hurt "to be family" in case they are reading this, its just a feeling and i would love it if you give me your veiws and feedback:)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And So It Begins

I will soon be officially begining the hunt for the wedding venue...the dates are fixed...yippeeee!!
To get a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing venue on a tight budget on the decided date is going to be a challenge...but I'm keeping my fingers crossed...!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Karen Wise+Indian Weddings

Did I tell you guys that I received a mail from Karen Wise (the super talented wedding photographer that I raved about many posts back on this very blog!!)??
No I didn't...?? so now I am!!
A couple of days back I open my gmail and I find a mail from Karen herself...I couldn't believe it for a moment and in the next I had a super huge smile on my face!
So Karen told me about her love for Ahmedabad and its textiles and also that she liked my blog(OMG). There will be more Indian Wedding pictures from New York and New Jersey on Karen's New Blog soon and yes i'd be sharing them with all of you here as soon as I get a sneak peak:)
Thank you Karen for your very kind email and for letting me share your wonderful photographs here!

Stay tuned for more
ps: just hop on to her new blog and feast your eyes on the wonderful picture of Israel!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Some Necklace Ideas

So I am looking to get a pearl necklace with a pendant to match my gorgeous chandelier earrings, the ones I'm wearing in my sari picture.
This style I believe is called the Rani Haar (queen's necklace). I think this style will match very well...what do you think? Which one of these 3 do you think will work best....I need some help here!

Also I have some great news to share....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Saree I designed for Me

November/December last year were crazy months for me as there were 3 of my first cousins getting married. I went crazy shopping for the weddings and all the pre and post wedding functions. Apart from all the shopping.. I had decided to make me a sari for one of the weddings. You can see some part of the beginings of the sari making process here and the final layout here.
Thats me in the sari I designed
This year another cousin of mine is getting married and I have been given the task of making a saree for her...note I sometimes like to write sari and at other times i write saree...I like both the spellings..which one do you prefer? I must start on my saree project soon!