Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Saree I designed for Me

November/December last year were crazy months for me as there were 3 of my first cousins getting married. I went crazy shopping for the weddings and all the pre and post wedding functions. Apart from all the shopping.. I had decided to make me a sari for one of the weddings. You can see some part of the beginings of the sari making process here and the final layout here.
Thats me in the sari I designed
This year another cousin of mine is getting married and I have been given the task of making a saree for her...note I sometimes like to write sari and at other times i write saree...I like both the spellings..which one do you prefer? I must start on my saree project soon!


  1. Kanika,your project turned out gorgeous ... love the combinations ... the orange and red and green it ,love it, love it ...oh yeah now I am all excited to see what you're upto for the next one :)

  2. Hey thanks Rajee!
    I will be starting on my next project soon..and am thinking purple this time...:)

  3. nice saree...n btw i love the way u r planning your wedding right down to the smallest details..reminds me of the time i got married...good luck n hv loads of fun planning stuff

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