Friday, July 30, 2010

Queries on Makeup Artists

I have been getting a lot of queries recently from young brides to be on who to choose for their makeup on the most important day of their lives!

Ambika Pillai
Vidya Tikari
Susan of Plum Salon seem to be the popular choices for the brides getting married in Delhi!

Well since I have had personal experience at Ambika Pillai (senior artist) and Plum (Junior and Senior Artist)...I am leaning towards Plum. I myself got ready at Plum for my Shagun and Wedding Day and was totally satisfied with the jobs done by them.

But then again...I advise you to meet your makeup artist ahead in time and discuss your colours, looks, hairstyle ideas etc with them. If you can afford to get your make up done from Ambika, Susan, Vidya Themselves instead of the senior junior artists then nothing like it!. It is very important for you to know how you wish to look on your weding day and then try an effectively communicate that to the makeup artist.
Collect pictures and take printouts if you can!

All the best

Monday, July 26, 2010

Lappa Gota Edgings

love love the wide gota (lappa) edgings!
I think this is sabyasachi

Wedding Decor Ideas

love the colour combination and the printed table cloth idea
the plain ones are now boring!

Sikh Wedding In NY

Just came across this beautifully elegant Sikh Wedding in NY

simple and perfect makeup
Photography by Leah McCormick

Lovely isn't it? Love the colour scheme and the bride's outfit and the lovely shamiana tent in the background!

Friday, July 23, 2010

my brother is getting married before anything I must clarify...I am happily married (20th January 2010) now and settled in Pune (hop on to my other blog to find out what I do there

Now my brother is getting December yes...and I will soon have more fodder for this blog :)
I got Married in January early this year and my brother will get married in full year but later we'll get to celebrate our anniversaries pretty close to each other..and thats three since my parents got married in November!

i am super excited and ready for some bhangra now!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gorgeous India Inspired Wedding Gown!

Images from my most favourite Wedding Photographer ever...Karen Wise!

Did you see the awesome wedding gown? I totally LOVE the idea!