Friday, December 4, 2009

Help with makeup!!

I still haven't taken my appointments with makeup artists for my Shagun and Wedding day which are on consecutive days!
I have found out about two more interesting makeup artists based in Delhi and have heard good things about both!
The first one I want to introduce is Vidya Tikari. She is a well known name in the Bridal makeup segment in delhi and also very popular during the fashion check out her website for more info and pictures.
The second artist I wish to introduce is Shalini Vashisht also based out of delhi. Check out her work and website here.

I have also been hearing very good reveiws about Plum which has two three outlets across NCR and thankfully they have one in Gurgaon. I am waiting to see the engagement pictures of my friend who got ready at the Plum GK outlet, i think that'll help me decide better.
So I'm thinking of booking two different places for makeup, one for Shagun and the other for you think this is a good idea or should i just stick to one??

This has got me soooooo confused!!.
Oh and btw, my Mom in law got me beautiful sarees from Calcutta and the one that I am to wear on the Shagun Ceremony is really pretty!!