Friday, December 4, 2009

Help with makeup!!

I still haven't taken my appointments with makeup artists for my Shagun and Wedding day which are on consecutive days!
I have found out about two more interesting makeup artists based in Delhi and have heard good things about both!
The first one I want to introduce is Vidya Tikari. She is a well known name in the Bridal makeup segment in delhi and also very popular during the fashion check out her website for more info and pictures.
The second artist I wish to introduce is Shalini Vashisht also based out of delhi. Check out her work and website here.

I have also been hearing very good reveiws about Plum which has two three outlets across NCR and thankfully they have one in Gurgaon. I am waiting to see the engagement pictures of my friend who got ready at the Plum GK outlet, i think that'll help me decide better.
So I'm thinking of booking two different places for makeup, one for Shagun and the other for you think this is a good idea or should i just stick to one??

This has got me soooooo confused!!.
Oh and btw, my Mom in law got me beautiful sarees from Calcutta and the one that I am to wear on the Shagun Ceremony is really pretty!!


  1. I can't really help with make-up but I stumbled upon your blog and was interested in your wedding planning. I am a wedding photographer from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and if you haven't hired a photographer we would be interested in photographing your wedding. We offer the albums you are wanting (October post) but seem to be out of your price range - maybe our prices are more reasonable. Check out our website at and click on our blog to see some recent weddings (including indian weddings). You can also email us at

  2. heyy..1 thing i must u r doin a fab job by helpin so many confusd bridez..awsum job i must se.. :D n apparently nw even i am a would be bride n m gettin married in gurgaon..u r talkin bout PLUM here.. i realy wantd if i could get to see their work regarding bridal makeup..can u email me if u hav ne pics ..or @least tell me d reviews ..hw guud they r ..

  3. Hi, great information on this blog. Can you please suggest a nice makeup artist in Noida? I really wanted to get my weddin makeup from PLUM but they are not taking bookings for the date of my wedding :(
    I know all the big names Tikari, Pillai, Shalini Vashishth but they all are either closed on that day or out of my way to the wedding venue. Can someone suggest a famous artist in Noida? My price limit is 20,000.
    Thanks ladies!

  4. If you want to look great without being overdone.. and you want to look beautiful and at the same time not lose yourself... call Chandni Singh . All said and done your baby wants to see the girl he chose standing by him at the alter! I had her for my cocktail, sangeet and wedding and couldn't be happier. She is both receptive and gifted.