Friday, January 8, 2010

a dozen to go

Hello all......i'm sorry i haven't been blogging and telling you all about my wedding preparations....i really am sorry and how i wish i had taken out more time to talk here...but there are only 12 days to go before i tie the knot..and i thought i'd come in and say hello..:)
the not so fat budget is really big now i feel bad that i am overshooting it....but well we don't really have a choice now and hopefully i will get all that i want from all the money that is being spent!! i have my fingers crossed!!
Delhi is super cold these days and i'm hoping it becomes warmer in the next few days....and please rain...just no rain puhleeeeez!!

oh i am really happy with my wedding saree and the thats sorted out...i still haven't decided on what to wear on the mehndi and sangeet ...i think i'll pick one from the many new clothes that i have!!
oh and for the shagun ceremony i am wearing a beautiful saree that my mom in law got me from calcutta....will be back again soon with some more info and hopefully some pictures!!
wish me luck..!!
see ya


  1. I found your blog today! I love it. I wish you the best. I will be back to see the pictures