Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ring Bearer Pillows and more

ring pillows by anekdesigns

I had a ring pillow for my engagement ceremony 3.5 years ago (gosh that sounds like a long time now). It was carried to the ceremony stage by my two little nieces and i thought it looked wonderful. Essentially a more western concept and specific to Christian Weddings, the Ring Barer Pillow is a classic and elegant way to carry the rings for your D- day!

ring pillows by anekdesigns

ring pillows by anekdesigns

ring pillows by anekdesigns

The one I used in my celebrations was a shiny Dark Red Pillow with Red Ribbons, the whole gesture of opening the ribbon tie to take the rings out adds to the setting and feels wonderful. 

ring pillows by anekdesigns

I personally like simpler more classic ring bearer, rather than the shiny gaudy decorated thalis and multi step fake flower arrangements. Pillows done in colours that match your theme carried by the sisters of the bride or cousins or nieces look awesome. I like involving all my young nieces and nephews in the ceremonies since they are absolutely smitten with the whole wedding affair and take their responsibilities seriously (it also makes them feel important...and makes for super cute pics!! ).

I have now come up with a small range of ring pillows from my cute little textile studio, check them out here. If you like them, do spread the word!! :)

All images by: Kanika Bahl
Ring Pillows by: Anek Designs

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Marry Me: Wedding Planners & The store

I haven't told you about the fantastic team of wedding planners "Marry Me" yet. Well today I am!!
Based out of Bandra, Mumbai, the Marry Me Wedding Planners work towards making your dream wedding come true. Check out their website and facebook page and do come back to tell me how much you loved them :)

image via

They also have a beautiful store on the 1st floor of Candies in Bandra, Mumbai. You will be reminded of Parisian holidays while browsing through their fantastic range of wedding stationary, home and wedding decor and other essentials.

Tucked away in the Indian Corner of the store you will find bright decor and personal accessories  some of which have been lovingly made by yours truly (blush) "Anek Designs" :)

If you haven't visited the store yet....go do so now!

Marry Me: The store
5AA, Pali Hill, Inside Candies Restaurant, At Level One,
Side of Learners Academy,
Bandra West, Mumbai 400050,

Timings : 10.30am – 8.30pm
Monday Closed 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


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ps; it is my bro in law's wedding this lots of wedding inspiration coming soon on my blog!
Hello there!!! I know I haven't posted in a long long time.....but I am back and sharing some beautiful inspiration from Ritu Kumar, my all time favourite designer! If I could afford her pieces then I would have worn some on my wedding day!

 above: Ritu Kumar for the movie: Midnight's Children

 beautiful colours for a summer wedding!!