Thursday, November 19, 2009

bridal clutches!!

Hey all!!
How are we?? I know I have been missing from the scene for quite sometime now so apologies for that...Now I am back and I do hope to be more regular...
So did I tell ya'all that I have finalised my wedding outfit?? Yes I have....and its exactly what I wanted and loved it the moment I laid my eyes on it!!

I've chosen to wear a sari and thats all I can tell right now! Why a saree you ask?? Well the lehngas with the kind of work I wanted were really is my saree, but I know I'll be able to wear it on more occassions than just one and with the lehnga I'm not so sure of repeat value!
I'd love to know your views on that!
So what else have I been upto??
Well I have been designing my card but still have to figure out all the technicalities of getting it printed. Most of my trousseau shopping is also done so I'm sorting out the time taking things like finishing, matching falls, blouses and petticoats these days.
While on the topic of matching....I have been thinking of accessories like clutch bags etc...and heres what I have found oline so far...
Bag no. 2 and three I think are from this brand called malaga.
You must check out this website, Malaga is a brand by Malini Agarwalla...(I am getting married to an Agarwalla relation:) I love some of the clutches and I have seen them personally at the bridal Asia fair and some of the collection is absolutely fabulous. Its a pity I haven't been able to find more pictures of this creative lady's collections.
I love the clutch no. 2 above and it matches my outfit perfectly....but tell brides really need a clutch on the wedding day??


  1. What would a bride need on her wedding day?
    keys.?phone?i should go clutch less...
    I personally feel looking beautiful is the only thing a bride should do on her wedding day! your entourage can carry the rest ;)

  2. Well just stumbled upon your blog and since am married :) that too into Delhi and pretty well versed with the marriage culture around here :)) I could relate to your apprehensions and concerns !!

    The bag no 2 is indeed ideal and the versatility of the sari is indeed there. Also sometimes you can wear the sari as a lehnga to give a different look :))

    Brides as such don't need the clutch for any specific use, but yes, you can just keep some mouth fresheners in it, long standing hours and nothing to eat and drink can get your throat dry, a mouth freshener or elaichi can do some good.

    Carry it for the added grace and style !! Thats the job of the clutch precisely :)

    Cheers !!!