Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Karen Wise+Indian Weddings

Did I tell you guys that I received a mail from Karen Wise (the super talented wedding photographer that I raved about many posts back on this very blog!!)??
No I didn't...?? so now I am!!
A couple of days back I open my gmail and I find a mail from Karen herself...I couldn't believe it for a moment and in the next I had a super huge smile on my face!
So Karen told me about her love for Ahmedabad and its textiles and also that she liked my blog(OMG). There will be more Indian Wedding pictures from New York and New Jersey on Karen's New Blog soon and yes i'd be sharing them with all of you here as soon as I get a sneak peak:)
Thank you Karen for your very kind email and for letting me share your wonderful photographs here!

Stay tuned for more
ps: just hop on to her new blog and feast your eyes on the wonderful picture of Israel!!

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