Saturday, August 22, 2009

Flower Decoration

Flower Decoration is such an integral part of the daily life in my Country and plays a big part in the decoration of a wedding venue! No wedding is compete without flowers don't you agree?

So now the big question...what kind of flowers would I want adorning my wedding venue? Do I want imported flowers? No I don't think so. I would want to go the traditional route and stick to these gorgeous colour/flower combinations below..

Aam ki patti (mango leaf), is used for most hindu religious ceremonies and is believed in Vastu Shastra that mango leaves absorb negativity and helps in keeping the environment pure.
Genda ka phool or the Marigold flower is also an important part of flower offerings made to Gods in Hinduism. Read more on the significance of Marigild flower here and here .

I love this arrangement of Marigold Garlands above and would want something close to this at my wedding...what do you think?

Another sweet smelling and pretty flower used extensively in Hindu Culture is the Mogra (Jasmine). Read more here.

How can a Hindu floral arrangement be complete without the sweet smelling Indian Gulab or the rose?
Hmm so that what I am thinking for the decoration...let me know what you think:)


  1. Completely agree...traditional indian wedding must have the traditional marigold n mango leaf. btw i tried clicking on your other blog...everytime i try..some malware warning and it shuts on its own...are your other readers also facing a similar prob?

  2. oh thanks purplehomes for pointing it out i'll check into one has told me this as anyone else facing a similar problem? in the meanwhile you can check my blog at

    thnk you for your comment:)

  3. Hi Kanika,

    What a lovely blog you have here! And many congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I hope you both have a blessed life together.

    Just wandered here through some blog, cant remember which one now. Also wanted to recommend a site to you, I kind of used it to get ideas for my own wedding...mostly dreamnt through it though cos mine was a rushed super crazy affair. Never mind that, do check out it is a pretty comprehensive indian wedding site which I know you will enjoy going through. Have fun babe, thats the most imp thing on ur wedding day!


  4. Hey Kanika,

    Check out my post:

    I would R-E-A-L-L-Y love it if you take this up. If and when you do, please drop me a comment so that I can mention it on my blog as well. Thanks and waiting to hear from you!

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  7. What are the pink flowers called?