Saturday, June 6, 2009

punjabi wedding ceremonies

the punjabi (hindu) wedding ceremonies can be performed either in the arya samaj or the sanatan dharm way. i have no idea which one is going to be followed in my wedding but i shall soon find out. see the list of ceremonies that are performed according to arya samaj here and according to sanatan dharam here.
oh did i mention that my boyfriend is an Agarwal (agarwalla actually) which means we belong to different castes. I am a Kshatriya where as he is a Vaishya and so when we get married we'll have to take care of the rituals and ceremonies for both the castes.
so here are some of my fundas on the caste system etc...i'm a cultural history buff and love to google/wikipedia all 'origins' related questions that pop up in my head every now and then. once i start it becomes tough to let go and so i'm going to bore you with some of my findings and fundas here.:)
i am aware of the hindu caste system and accept it as a part of our history but i, in principle do not practice or promote it in any way and wouldn't like to do so, although i find the theory of ancient categorisation into 4 varnas truly fascinating! you may read more about it here.
i am also a Proud Punjabi (PP) maybe even a FPP(fiercely proud punjabi). i think punjabis the world over rock and know how to enjoy their lives to the fullest. i typed in a few words and i found more reason to think and believe like i do already:)!!
more on the punjabi wedding customs and rituals here.
these images above are from an old blog entry from my other blog AND ANOTHER where i talk about textiles, my love for all things indian, home interiors and design inspirations.


  1. very interesting hope all the wedding plans go well I love all the Indian clothes & colours they are so exotic!

  2. hey kanix,
    Its gud to see that u know actually what you want coz most of the people are very confused.. ritu kumar & sabsyasachi are both my fav! One of my college frend recently got married and wore a sabsyasachi lehenga... she looked amazing!! may be i can try n send u her pic... And the trinity ring cant believe we have such similar tastes.. even wanted one unfortunately cudnt find it so settled for similar looking :) Please opt for real jewellery with the lehenga... if you plan for your jewellery to be custom made i can tell u a designer.. u can show her the designs u want and she replicates and even giver her inputs..she is really gud worth a visit!!

  3. Hello there! you didn't write your name!! Thanks for your wishes and the comment! do keep visiting i'll be posting more regularly here!

    hey neha...yes i want to wear only real jewellery for the wedding in any case i am allergic to most metals and finishes except gold an dsilver:) please do give me the contact of the designer that'll be a great help, does she have a website? i don't think i'll be able to afford a ritu kumar or sabyasachi myself...but i wish to get the look that the two designers manage to pull off..and pls do keep commenting...i'll need all the help, thanks!

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