Friday, June 5, 2009

Hello There!

hi i am kanika.
i am a professional textile designer and design soft furnishings for the home.
my boyfriend and i have been dating for the last six years now and we think its time for holy matrimony!! yay!!
so yes thats why i am here using the online resources to plan my own wedding...when thats going to be is still undecided but i must start planning as i don't want to be rushed. since i work full time i'm not going to have much time on my hands as the d day approaches and so i wish to begin well in time:)
as soon as i enter indian weddings on the i am taken to a world of indian weddings happening all over the world but india!! so there are websites and blogs from UK, from Canada, USA and some very few not so helpful links from india. i wish to take this blog forward in that direction as i plan my own wedding and provide a space where one may find everything one needs to plan a wedding in delhi. :)
welcome aboard!


  1. Just planning on taking the plunge - so happy to have found your blog!:) will be in touch if it's ok with you?

  2. Hi Sonam! Thank you for visiting!
    I'd love to be in touch too...please feel free to write to me!


  3. Hey Kanika,

    Just came across your blog and its great!! When I find a good blog I always read people's first entries to get an idea of where they're coming from. I'm from Pakistan and I felt the same way when I was getting married. So I've recently started a desi wedding offer a little inspiration to brides-to-be. Feel free to take a look around... and do comment to let me know what you think. In fact I'd even love to feature you as a guest blogger, if you're up to it. Please feel free to get in touch.

    Best of luck with everything ~ Saman

  4. Hi Kanika, just stumbled upon your blog and thought it is worth every bit of it. Hope you keep posting. Natasha