Friday, October 9, 2009

Makeup Artists!!

so I came across two makeup artist websites that I thought I should mention here.
The first one I'm going to introduce to you is Chandani Singh based ofcourse in Delhi...

You may check out her website here

The second makeup artist from Delhi is Shikha Goel and you may find out more about her here

I must get in touch with them and find out more what say?


  1. heylo bride to be !!

    Hope you are having a great (and tiring) time planning your wedding. I am myself getting married soon. I got my engagement makeup done from a great makeup artist in noida.I am not sure whether noida is comfortable to you or not, but i loved the makeup was simply beautiful. And the best part is that she didn't turn me into red/pink manequin.I can share some of the engagement pics if you want. Have fun and take care :)

  2. Hi Rinki! Yes i'm having a great time planninga and dreaming my wedding. I'd love to see your engagement pictures and any info that you think you would want to share with me like the venue and makeup artist, photographer etc? would you like me to feature some on my blog? please do let me know..all contacts and information is most needed and very welcome!
    Thanks for visiting!
    Cheers and All The Very Best for your big day...when is it?? Wish to share your planning and ideas with me?


  3. Hey kanika !!

    I am so sorry for replying so late. I would love to share a couple of pics with you. Can you give me email address so that i could send you some of my engagement pics. The D day is on 11th December. I share all the other details in the email.
    Take care and goodluck !!
    Sunita Jharna Nayak

    Thats me Sunita...thanks:)

  5. Does anyone have Vidya Takari website address?

    thats the address you are looking for Gunjan!

  7. Hi there, even I am looking forward to my wedding in Jan 2010. I have booked Vidya Tikari for the D day but am just keeping my fingers crossed as nobody in my family/friends got ready from her. It's that we heard her name so much and I found Ambika's make-up a bit too loud when she did it for my friend!! Hope everything goes fine..

  8. Hi Shivani! i'm sure all will be good and you'll look great on your wedding....all the best and don't forget to smile!!

  9. who do you think is better of the two?

  10. Hi Kanika! I was delighted to find information on bridal make up artists in Delhi. I am in the US but getting married in Delhi and struggling to find information. Can you share your thoughts on make up artists that you tried? Would love to hear your thoughts

  11. Hi xo!
    I got my makeup done at PLUM which is a really nice place to get ready for your big day..Susan the owner of the establishment works at the PLUM outlet in GK and there is one in Gurgaon where i got got ready since it was closer to the venue...
    I got ready by a senior makeup artist called Usha and was very happy with the results..i have some pics posted here.
    A lot of people go to Ambika Pillai...but i think it is slightly overrated. A lot of people also recommend Vidya Tikari and all i know from a friend of mine is that she is too loud..but again i have no personal experience with her :) shivani a recent bride who has commented up here might be able to share some pictures with us since she got ready at vidya tikari...what say shivani? :)

  12. I've booked vidya tikari for my wedding in may but I'm kinda skeptical since I don't know anyone who've done their makeup from her. Me and the groom are from Canada but we're getting married in Delhi and so it would be really nice if we could get some more reviews and pics of brides that have gotten their makeup done from vidya!

    1. Hi Kanika,
      I stubled across this page as I was searching for bridal make up artists in Delhi, and saw your comment. I am in the same situatio as you describe. My fiance and I are in Toronto but travelling to Delhi for the wedding, and I am very confused with regards to the make up. Where did u end up getting ur make up done from?

  13. Hi there. My sister-in-law got her make up done from Plum and was very happy with the results. My friends suggested Shalini Vasisht and Vidya Tiakri as well. Which one is the best amongst these three?? My wedding is in May.

  14. Hey there,

    Great blog and congrats for your wedding!

    I am getting married in December. There is ample time to go, however, I am a little worried for I have never carried make up and heavy dresses. More of jeans and t-shirts person.

    I am looking for a bridal from East Delhi or Noida. I realize Kanika, you have got some information from Rinki on her make up on engagement from Noida. Could you please share it with me? I can email you may email id on your mail address, once you confirm.

    Also, it will be great if you or anyone else could share any recommendations of any other make up artists in Noida. Thing to keep in mind, I dont wanna spend a fortune on this, and I need simple colors, minimum of reds and pinks.

    One more thing, could you please tell me which are the best cost effective places to buy wedding sarees. I wanna go for saree too.

  15. Hi Shubhra
    Thank you for your lovely comment!
    What is your budget for the wedding saree?
    Ushnak Mal in south ex (there are three of them in south ex you should definitely look at the one in the back lane smallest of the three shops), Amaaya Perfection house in south ex and rajauri (thats where i got mine from) are good aoptions according to me!

  16. Hi Shubhra,
    I contacted Rinki and here's what she has to say..
    "Sure !! I got make my engagement & bridal make up done from sec 44.
    The studio name is Profile and the owner Sonali does all the makeup.
    She has a great taste and best part she doesnt make you all pinky or
    red. You have the proof from the pictures :). Let me know if she wants
    to know anything else, i will be happy to help(god i sound like the
    vodafone ads ;)"

    Hope that helps!

  17. Thanks Kanika for answering the questions so quickly. Will keep posting more as I find myself getting confused again!

    For the saree budget, I got no clue what the market is like for sarees and lehengas, so no budget as on date. But yes, i have a tuf time spending on clothes, that too the ones I may not wear again :)

    Thanks again and I guess I shall keep following ur blog now.


  18. Hey girls! Thanks for all the tips on make-up artists. I am looking for one myself for my wedding in Delhi in October. A friend of mine mentioned Suzanne (she trained under Ambika Pillai). Has anyone heard of her? Does anyone have her contact info? I couldn't find a website.

  19. hi kanika,
    Your blogs have been a great help to me, got a lot of useful info from it. thanks a ton

    Well to start I am getting married in Dec, even though there is still time left in my weeding a wanted to book my makeup artist rite now only. Can you give me some recommendations of good makeup artists in Delhi & gurgaon . i somehow don’t like either ambika or Vidya Tikari I find there makeup too loud. how good is Chandni singh? Has anyone of you got your makeup done from her? wolud you by any chance be having her studio address?

  20. Hi...Iam getting married on th 8th of july and running extremely late with the bookings. I stay in ggn and iam planning to get my makeup by vidya tikari's asst - as iam having 1 punjabi and 2 south indian style weddings i cannot afford vidya thrice! I have no idea about her makeup though but i guess she does for fashion shows and has a good taste...iam not a very makeup person..cannot decide..if somebody can help me with the pictures that would be great...if you some pix on facebook plz lemme me knw! thx a ton!

  21. hi all,
    i am getting married in december 2010, i m pretty confused about my bridal makeup...i also dnt have any idea how much one should shed on D-day makeup

    please give ur views and help me out!!

  22. hey...... i am getting married in december'10 and see lot of gud remarks for PLUM, can ne body help me with exact address, for the south ex

  23. Hello Kanika

    Your blog is great and a ray of hope for me. I am getting married in November in Delhi but unfortunately have no idea about whom to approach for good bridal make-up & photographer.Would be great if you can share some links/contacts with respect to same. If you know of any photographer who is creative and different from the usual, please share with me as I don't want the usual studio people with their flashes all around the venue.


  24. Hey All Brides, Congrats dear,

    Iam Chezy,

    I read all the things discuused above and find it very usefull.
    As Iam new to Delhi, May I request you to help me on below queries :

    1. Which Make up to go with :
    a) Vidya Tikari (Senior/Vidya?)
    b) Ambika (Senior/ambika?)

    What all is included in prebridal and how much I should pay for it ?

    2. Havent brought bridal Lehnga yet, any suggestons like chandni chowk or CTC mall etc? I want in range of 50 K.
    Also, if you can suggest some place to get bridal jewellery on rent?

    3. I need to buy a Lehenga Sari for Engagement, any suggetions?

    Thanks in advance, Iam getting married on 30 November :)

  25. Hi there!!

    It's good to see a blog which captures all the confusion!! I have been looking for bridal makeup..
    1.Ambika Pillai
    2.Vidya Tikari

    Who is good?? where shoud i book myself??

  26. hi!! wud u tell m to whom shud i choose for my bridal make up nd wich will comfortable to m also bcoz my weddin venue is at ghaziabad.i hav reachd chandni singh also but she is expensive 4 my pocket.. so pls help!!!

  27. Hi!!
    Im Khushboo and I'm getting married in November end. Most of my functions are gonna be in and around South Delhi and Gurgaon.
    I've zeroed in on Plum, Vidya's senior artist and a make-ap artist called Simran in Shankar Road. She runs her own salon since the last 10-12 years. Please guide me as I'm highly confused.
    Also, please share your engagement pics with me if you have got it done from any of these make-up artists.
    Thanks :)

  28. Hello Khushboo!

    Congratulations on you wedding! Plum in Gurgaon is where i got my makeup done and was very happy with the results. I am a member of Simran's also..and find that she is very good for fair skin. If you have dark skin then her makeup tends to make you look dull! Her light party makeup is better than a bridal I feel. But this is my Presonal opinion.. I have no experience with vidya tikari but my friends tell me she is loud.

    All the best

    this is the link to my engagement pictures for your refernce

    thats me on my wedding day :)

    hope this helps

  31. Hey all

    I have just gone thru this site and trust me its quite impressive for the info shared here.

    I am getting married in feb..can someone just tell me if anyone of u hv got the makeup done by vidya tikari or chandni singh or any other makeup artist..preety confused abt them..if u can share some of ur wedding pics ..i would really appreciate.

  32. hello everyone
    hi i m sonia getting married in jan 16 2011 i n so confused about my bridal makeup can u guys suggest me any good one i m thinking to get my makeup done from neha beaty salon in delhi kirti nagar my sister suggest me that but i m so confussed about neha plz hepl me guys and i live in canda but my wedding will be in india delhi help me plz

  33. hi all!
    good to see the blog ..iam getting married in jan2011 pls suggest me good make up artist..have come across many names ambika's senior artist.can anyone tell which senior artist at ambika is good at qutub or ansal.....hw abt Vidya tikari n Suzzane at plum?If anyone of u cud share ur pics tht wud be wonderful..

  34. hi all!
    can anybdy tell hws senior artist chavi at ambika pillai's ..or pls suggest someone who's better than her at ambika

  35. Hello ladies!

    I'm another one in the confused lot :)This is what happens when one has so much to choose from!

    My wedding's in Nov..n quite evidently, I'm also looking for a nice make-up artist. kya karoon? pls suggest..not too loud n not too expensive..I don't think it's worth shelling out more than 10 grands over bridal make-up!

    SOS people!



  36. Hey Hitika and urvashi

    You can try Anu Mehra. She has worked with famous brands like Oriflame, Avon, Yamaha Bikes. Recently my sister tried and makeup was done nicely.
    Don't try Ambika Pillai she charge like anything and results are nt that good. Check Anu mehra Site

  37. Hi

    I am a bride to be:)..getting married on Nov 18th this year. As I am a southindian I cannot afford to rush to a salon for my wedding reception immediately after the morning puja.I need some good artist to come to the venue and get me ready. Ambika Susan or Vidya don't do this :( Please help me and suggest a good artist.


  38. I never thought I would be faced with this dilemma. I belong to Delhi but getting married in Pune in Dec 2010. So the planning jitters are beginning to set in, since Pune is so very new to me and my family. Can the ladies direct me to a good makeup specialist in Pune ? and if there aren;t any , what are the options ... ferry them from Delhi or Mumbai? Ghosh !!( wish I could have the wedding venue changed).. Any pointers are more than welcome ..... anxious bride-to be-Shipra

  39. hi i am megha and i am getting married on the 8th of dec this year .. i hav same confusions as most of you above .. my problem is that d venue is at ghaziabad.. so i dont want to take a risk of getting ready from delhi.. can anybody please suggest me som good artist frm ghaziabad or noida .. can i hav som pictures from d sec 44 saloon mentioned above .. it'll be a great great help .. thanks ..

  40. Hi,

    This is truly a remarkable place to sort out and discuss the confusion! Thanks for the great platform Kanika.I am getting married in Dec 2010 and only get back to India in Nov. So basically i have very little time to decide on the makeup and saree/lehenga.

    I would really appreciate if someone could help me out with Makeup bit as I am not too keen on Ambika and Vidya coz of the budget and Plum, inspite of excellent reviews and great pics could be difficult as the wedding is in Noida.

    Would appreciate some help on this and the clothes bit as I am clearly confused between a more practical option- saree or lehenga.

    Thanks in advance

  41. Hi,

    Im getting married in Jan 2011, and my folks want me to buy my wedding attire soon.Will it be too early to buy my wedding dress in October?
    I want to buy the latest trends so want to be doubly sure if this is the right time.

  42. Hello Joey

    I think now is a good time to select your outfit as and stitching (blouses etc) or alterations will take time. then you will need to match your makeup, look, accessories and shoes with it. Time will fly and you don't want to keep the most important thing for the last few hurried days!

  43. Hi Priya

    Sorry I have no idea about make up artists in NOIDA...perhaps you could try Loreal or Lakme Beauty Salon.

    About sari and lehnga, I personally went for sari as lehnga is of no use after the wedding...but many girl's choose it since it is for the biggest days of their lives and want to feel special.
    Sari on the other hand is very versatile. It can be draped in many different ways and may be used again after your wedding is over...the choice is entirely yours!

  44. getting married in Nov end...Im thinking of getting my bridal makeup done from vidya tikari....It would be a really help for me if anybody could suggest me how gud is vidya tikari in bridal makeup...coz i hv nt seen any of her bridal work...i get to knw through this blog only that her makeup is too loud..n i dnt want loud makeup...

    Could anybody help me out in deciding from where i shud get my bridal makeup done.

  45. Thanks Kanika !Will keep you posted.

  46. hi kanika,
    my cousin is getting married in jan 2011, can u suggest me any good makeup artist in Pune??
    make up is a little tricky...i dun wanna take any risk. this is a big day for her and a bad make up can spoil everything!
    please help me out with this :)

  47. Wow Kanika!

    This is a superb resource for Brides to come & read about the pre wedding prep!

    Being a Wedding Photographer, I get so many questions from Brides - like What make-up artist you recommend.. What kind of styling would suit them.. etc.. The list is never-ending!

    Me & my wife love to help the brides through the process, but this page is unique. By documenting the process, you have given them a bird's eye view to a real wedding!

    I noticed a lot of brides-to-be ask - how good vidya tikari is. So here is a small compilation of a Bride & Bridesmaids who got their make-up done by her recently -

    Best Regards,
    Ramit Batra

  48. Hi everyone..

    Im getting married in Feb next yr.
    Am new to delhi and have no idea where to go and book for my wedding makeup.

    Would want to go for a very natural look.
    Tried Lakme salon for one of the functions but wasnt very happy.. I looked so caked up!! :(
    Dont want to feel sad on my wedding ,so pls suggest..
    Sm1 spoke of Blossom kochar (behind Maurya/Taj).heard a lot about Vidya Tikari,Plum etc etc..

    So confused!
    Pls suggest some good makeup artists in delhi.

    Awaiting help!

  49. Hi,
    I m getting married in february..does anyone knw about angelina joseph make up artist in Greater kailash, how is her make up. it would be really helpful for me if anyone can suggest me about her or Ambika pillai's make up.

  50. Hieee Kanika,

    Im getting married on Valentine's Day Feb 14th & cant even begin to tell you how excited i am about the BIG DAY :))). My weddings in Delhi but i am basically from Florida so its gonna be a BIG FAT PUNJABI WEDDING for both me & my fiance ,since we are both from the States. So u can imagine the EXCITEMENT hahaha !!!!

    After goin thru the info i gathered from this amazing blog & my contacts i have zeroed in on Chandni Singh whose a very well known established Make Up Artist based in Delhi/Noida. Just had a trial session with her and cant tell how GOOD she is !!! She is so cordial, she in fact invited me to her place rather than send one of her assistants which was so sweet of her to do and she is fun to talk classy as hell...U can figure out from the range of products she uses is quite impressive to say the least.

    I dint want like a thickly layered look or that made up cakey look and Chandni's work is just wat i was looking for. The makeup during the trial was there yet not and the attention to detail that she gives is way above the other trials i had @Lakme/Loreal Salons and other artists that i tried. It was kinda too in your face & garish if u know wat i mean girls...Newaysss this wasnt the case with her work at all .. there is this translucency...the word is FLAWLESS ,it reelly is!! Even my cousin shivangi loved it jus as much as i did :)

    All you girls out there if you are on the lookout for a wonderful make up artist for that one special day or make that days like sangeet,cocktails hahaha i tell Chandni truly impressed me totally and she is quite competitive in terms of her charges as well.

    My cousins and myself have already booked her for all my functions...Yippee cant w8 to look GORGEOUSSS on the BIG DAY ;)!!!!



  51. Shipra, Lakme is pretty good for bridal, i too am getting married in december and have booked them for the same

  52. Hey, I am getting married in Pune on Dec 9th and need a good make up artist who can do a clean make up. Any recommendations?

  53. Hey Kanika,
    Am just writing in to thank you for providing all the valuable information any girl would need to make her D Day memorable!

    Though deciding on a make up artist was the hardest part. Am the kind of girl who likes make up a lot..yet i dnt prefer the over the top layered look. i like a lot of definition to the eyes - medium blush & natural soft pink lips & a glossy minimal foundation.Two of my other girl friends got married earlier this year & they looked like horror stories on their wedding day. they got dressed at ambikas & meenakshi dutt. they were painted white & had red/orange eye shadows! i went for trials to everybody u can think of - ambika-gopika-sussanne- shalini-plum-looks- anu mehra! but the make up was not wat i was looking for. most of my friends had recommened anu kaushik & chandni singh - but they were too busy to give trials & refused. even Angelina joseph came highly recommended but speaking to her wasnt great. finally i zeroed in on chandni singh - coz she was polite & warm & was ready to hear me out. she told me to send her reference images of how i wanted to look & i did so. she assured me that the make up wl be exactly how i wanted it to be. the best part about having her as your make up artist is that she caters at your doorstep (which makes it so convenient). Shes worth every penny she asks for. My only regret now?? I wish i had booked her for all my functions because i look exceptional on my wedding day & just about ok on cut costs i visited salons close to my place. the only brands i saw with her were chanel , dior & MAC + she came with everything- lights-mirror & even a chair!! Shes just brilliant! i completely recommend her!

  54. What is Chandni Singh`s address?
    WHat are your views on profile?
    I need someone in noida/greater noida

  55. Hi Jasmin and others

    Must say, this blog is great.

    I am getting married in Jan 2011 and v confused abt make up artist. am based n north delhi (so MOdel Town and kamla nagar is convenient to me). Almost zeroed on Simmi Ghai of xpressions - but one of my frnd told terrible experience she had with her.

    Now again in fix - whom to finalise, as convenience dat day matter and make up atrtist shld be near to your residence/ venue.

    Jasmine can u pls share contact details of Chandni Singh - where she is based, hope not south delhi.

    Can somebdy recommed gud make up artist in north delhi.

    Shalini Vashishth is also far frm my place. other options are ALPS n kamla nagar (only Bharti Taneja's daughter (she charges Rs. 18000) or other trained artist does the make up or sr. artist at ambika pilla n model town.

    pls fill me in, i have to finalise dis thing ASAP. Thanks for wonderful blog Kanika!!


  56. Heartiest congratulation to all the bride to be!!! and gudluck and njoy ur wedding gals.

  57. hey,

    Any idea who is better - Chandni Singh or Anu Mehra?


  58. hey Jasmin

    Chandni Singh is too expensive yar, Ambika Pillai Charges Rs. 20, 000 and Chandni's charge around 30,000...any thoughts...

  59. Hi Sunita if you havent finalised yet just get in touch with Chandni coz like shikha too mentioned her product lineup is the best vfm and secondly she is based in NOIDA i went to her place fer trials.Mentioning her contact details below

    Hi Sonia i feel you are in 2 minds. Well here's my 2 cents if you gonna look like million bucks on your BIG day then its worth it gal:) Personally if you are anything as picky n choosy about your look and since you have asked me just get in touch with Chandni fer a trial it will really help. She is so meticulous and her attention to details is wat impressed me the most.

    Coming back to charges if you see the stuff she has and uses its totally justified plus the effort she puts into the whole thing.You will thank me on this wonderful blog later trust me on this one hon this is her email.

    MERRY XMAS KANIKA & All my Gal Pals on the blog :)

  60. hi evry1 thr....thnx shikha,jasmin n kanika...u guys hv been a gr8 help. am gettin married in feb n ws lukin 4 sumbdy near east delhi,noida...thnx tonns....will try chandni 4 sure

  61. Hi Sanna, I guess u MUST see the work of Poonam as well.. as you will get the Fantabulas makeup work at very reasonable rates as she is doing very well now days. just call her for sample pics. you will amaze for Sure..her Mail id is-
    take care..

  62. Hi, my name is Shruti and I am thinking about getting my makeup done Alps. Any particular artist I should pick? Or does anyone know how good or bad they are??

  63. Hi Kanika

    First of all kudos to you for putting up such wonderful info on your blog and creating a platform for all of us. Best part was, its all about Punjabi wedding and Delhi so can relate to it so well :).

    And yes CONGRATS to all lovely brides!

    I am getting married early next year and have same anxiousness as all others. I am in US so I dont know how much time will allow me to do everything the way I wish. My friend recommended Anu Kaushik but I did not hear much about her on ur blog. Any ideas about her?

    After reading all the info, I would like to have a trial at least with Anu Kaushik and Chandni. How much time before hand we need to get a makeup artist booked?

    Thanks once again


  64. hi

    its a gr8 blog u guys hav created

    any reviews bout silhouette, at the oberoi for bridal makeup???

  65. For Professional Bridal Makeup Artist in New Delhi, contact Aakriti Kochar on
    #9999877988 /

  66. Hi everyone. I am getting married in November 2011 and apart from bridal make up, I am also wanting to soon decide on the pre-bridal skin care package..

    From what I have read, 2-3 names appear very frequently, they being Vidya, Ambica and others...

    Even I was wondering to book Ambica but I have read here that her make up is too loud..
    Are there any other good options in west Delhi? I don't mind spending upto 10-15k for bridal make up.. as this day is only gonna come once

  67. Hi

    Have been following this blog ever since my wedding got fixed:) I am getting married in December n m really confused about which make-up artist to book? Please advise. Also if any one has pics of make-up done from ambika, vidya,chandni and any other artist, would be great if u cud share it wid me. I have also enquired about Ojhas Rajani, is he good?

  68. Straight from the fashion ramps of Toronto,
    International Make-up Stylist Anchal Kumar is now available for consultation in India!

    Based out of Toronto and making the list of Women Entrepreneurs of Canada, Anchal Kumar is Certified by the prestigious M.A.C. and Makeup Forever Cosmetics. Her clientele includes exotic FCUK Miami Flames Catwalk, Miss Pakistan World 2009 Pageant, Print shoots for Asian Women Canada, Corporate shoots for M Thirty Communications Inc, Jamayz Clothing, and the Washington DC Fashion Week 2010 held at the Embassy of France, among others. Her work has been featured in the prestigious Anokhi Magazine Canada, Black Herald, and Washington DC Life Magazine.

    Anchal Kumar strives to bring the best of Professional Makeup to Fashion Models, Photographers, Brides, career women, and busy moms alike. She invites you to consult her in person at the latest Wedding and Fashion Shows in US or Canada; and now in India.

    To book an appointment with Anchal Kumar, please contact +91-8310632508.

  69. That is some inspirational stuff. Never knew that opinions could be this varied. Thanks for all the enthusiasm to offer such helpful information here. Bridal Makeup Delhi


  71. Hi all,
    I totally agree with Jasmin's opinion about Chandni Singh. She did the makeup for my cousin Priya on her engagement in February and she did a terrific job. Priya looked stunning and chic although it seemed as though she was not wearing any makeup at all. Isn't that what most of us expect from a make up artist? And yet its so hard to get! Most others doll u up with pinks and reds making it look garish! So now she has happily booked chandni for all the events of the July wedding. And considering that she comes totally geared up to the location of ur choice, its one big worry less for the bride's family. And ya, she is so pleasant and friendly that she puts everybody at ease. She is total Value for Money.
    Separately, I had a session with Chandni for personal grooming. I had never been confident abt using make up and limited myself to kajal and lip gloss for all official as well as private events. And couple of hours with Chandni and it was as if she taught me magic. Now I wear make up to work and to social events confidently and even try out different looks on night outs! The best part is that while almost everyone at work has complimented me for looking fresh and pretty throughout the day, few could make out that it was makeup which made all the difference;-) I feel so good and confident now and I'm lovin' it!!
    So check her out girls! For bride or pride!! Cheers!:-)

  72. Hey girls,

    Thanks for these comments. Very useful for any bride-to-be. Do you guys have any suggestions for wedding photographers and videographers as we well? Someone who is really good but doesnt charge a bomb!

  73. thanks for these comments, really helpful. Any of you tried Ashmeen Munjal, in Ashok Vihar or South Ex?

  74. thanks for the info guys...very useful...I am getting married on 29th nov...i was thinking of booking ambika pillai...or chandni singh...any suggestions?

  75. Can someone please send me their Bridal Pics done by Chandni Singh?
    I am getting married in December and need to finalize on a make-up artist. So far, I liked chandni's work the most but I'd still like to see some real pics of some real girls just like me (only thing I have seen is her bridal pics on her website).

    Pls send it to me

    Thanks in advance


  76. Hey Nishtha Congrats!!! And I second Nish on this...please send me the pics too at I too am considering Chandni Singh and would love to see some real brides from her.

    Also, anyone any idea about Anu Kaushik?


  77. Hi,

    Can someone please send me their Bridal Pics done by Chandni Singh?

    I am considering her but would love to see her bridal pics before i make up my mind.

    Would really appreciate if sumone can email me there bridal pics at


  78. Jasmin

    Congrats on your wedding!!! Could you please send some wedding pics to me at Will be really really helpful to see Chandni's work on a real bride :)!



  79. Hi,

    Can anybody suggest me whether there is any parlour who provide traditional bengali bridal makeup

  80. Hi,

    I am getting married in First Week Of November and very much confused about the bridal make up...I stay near Punjabi Bagh and the two nearby Salons are Ambika Pillai and Affinity...Could anyone please suggest me for which one I should go and is Senior Artists at Ambika Pillai are good enough for the Engagement and Bridal make up both...Please let me know asap as I need to do advance booking.


  81. Hi All

    this is fabulous blog...thnks... :) :)
    m getn married in early oct n need to know of a good bridal make up artist in Noida....pls help!!

  82. Hi,

    My brother's wedding is in October this year. I need to book a make up artist for my to-be bhabhi for the reception. Hearing lots of good things about Chandni Singh. Could anyone please mail me the pictures of bridal make up done by her.


  83. Hi

    I'm Garima and belong to New Delhi.Any idea about the following artists:-

    1.Angelina Joseph
    2.Shalini Vashishtha
    3.Renuka Pillai
    4.Kavita Ghai

    Please mail the pictures to


  84. M getting married in oct2011, Can anyone help me out in finding good parlour in noida.
    find me out at

  85. help me out in finding good parlour and boutique in noida

  86. Hello All,

    I am currently in US and need to book a make-up artist for my engagement in South Delhi. Through this blog, I've come to know of a few famous artists. Thanks to all of you for doing this! :)

    If you have experience with engagement or bridal makeup from any of these famous ones or from others that you liked, can you please email me few pictures on neha-dot-kochar5-at-gmail-dot-com? (Please remove all dashes and replace dot by . and at by @. I do this to avoid spam!)

    Please be ensured your pictures will only remain till me. A soon-to-be-bride needs your help! :)

    I would really really appreciate it as I'm not in India and cannot go and get trial sessions with any salon.

    Thanks much!

  87. hi,

    does any body know of the makeup artist kazi rai based in Noida?? please let me know how much he/she charges and if anyone has any pictures of bridal makeup done by him/her.


  88. Can anyone suggest a good make up and hair stylist in Hyderabad ?

  89. can ne1 please suggest me the best make up artist for engagement and wedding...m damn confused........

  90. hi,
    I am getting married in Feb 2012. But the marriage is outside Delhi, Can Someone please help me in letting know which best beautician service will be available in U.P(Uttar Pradesh)


  91. hey..just went thru dis sister got married in jan dis year..n we went thru d same dilemmas..but luckily we came thru a gr8 makeup artist..rakesh seth..based in lajpat nagar..d venue for my sister's wedding wz noida..he got his team dere itself..u can check out his site..he emphasises on eyes..n keeps ur lips pink/plum..personally i found vidya tikari n ambika pillai n d lot too sis looked splendid..on her d day.. his website link is
    derez one artist called mrignaina based in panchsheel delhi..even she does subtle makeup..n comes to the venue too...!! gud luck..!!

    a gr8 makeup artist based in delhi,lajpat nagar..he comes to the venue too..accentuates ur eyes n keeps d lips plum/pink..he did my makeup n my sister's makeup on her D-day..the wedding venue waz noida..n he came dere along vid his team..i cud share mine n my sis's pics if u guyz want..
    n dere'z dis artist called mrignaina..based in panchsheel,delhi..even she does a gr8 job..n cumz to d venue too..!! gud luck

  93. Hi, I am getting married on 28th Jan'2012. Want to get Bridal makeup done in North Delhi (Rohini, Pitampura). Kindly suggest good Bridal makeup artists. Really confused a lot.


  94. Has anyone tried Aakriti Kochar? She is a freelancer. Please give your reviews.

  95. Hey Sakshij, thanks for posting it. Does Rakesh Seth do trials? How much does he charge?

  96. Hi sakshij, can u plz mail me the pics to, also I was trying Rakesh's number but nobody answers, do u have his contact details?


  97. Hey Sakshij,can u mail me the pics too at hw mch he charged?

  98. hey Sakshi..can u also send me the pics at would then get an idea of his kind of make-up?hw mch does he charges?

  99. Hello everyone ...i am getting married next year but it would be great to see some pictures sakshiji it would be appreciated if you could me send me them at

  100. Hey Sakshi ...i am getting married next year and i am not from there it would be great if i coukd get some guidance this blog has been really helpful could you please send me some pictures too at

  101. Can someone please send me their Bridal Pics done by Chandni Singh?
    I am getting married in December and need to finalize on a make-up artist. So far, I liked chandni's work the most but I'd still like to see some real pics of some real girls just like me (only thing I have seen is her bridal pics on her website).

    Pls send it to me

    Thanks in advance


  102. Hey guys...I need help...
    Engagement on 29th Oct, need to finalise an artist at the earliest.
    plz plz help...personally I feel Ambika and Vidya are kinda loud.
    I need something very subtle. I stay in GK; the party is in CP. anywhere in south; central delhi would be good. plz help

  103. Hey Priyanka

    U can go for Plum in GK2.

  104. Help!
    I am getting married in Jan 2012... Can anyone suggest Bridal makeup artists in Delhi for the same?

  105. Hey...i am in a trouble atm..i have booked vidya tikari for D day and reception..but its closed on my ring (1st of jan).. and after these in a doubt with ambika pillai..where is chandni singh situated? and hows the make upp?? can anyone send me few pics by chandni singh..

  106. I am in London, and coming to India, Delhi in 1st week of April 2012 for my best friends wedding. I am only coming for a week and they have almost 5 functions. Can someone please suggest a trustworthy hairstylist and make up artist (which is not bridal though) whom I can get booked for myself.

    Please email me on


    Cheers !!


  107. Hi Girls,
    Well i must thank you all for your help specially you kanika. I got married last year and searched like every crazy brode to be , for the parlours. My wedding was in gurgaon so i finally decided to go for PLUM. It was amazing.I was so happy with the nice and suttle make up done by Usha. It was too guud.Shez an expert . Although i feel my hair do could have been better.But dont feel hesitant at all regarding make up from Usha(shez a senior makeup artist over there).Have fun... :)

  108. Thanks to this blog and all the info posted by you guys...I finally got my make up done by Chandni Singh... She is fab! my wedding was on 29th November...She did a wonderful job...and made me look so pretty! Exactly what I wanted...elegant, simple look! Chandni pays so much attention to all the details...its amazing!

    Thanks Chandni ! :) and of course thanks kanika and all the lovely brides for posting all the info :)


  109. oh wow... great blog.. feels so much better to see there r more brides in the same dilemma n its not only me.. :)

    my wedding is in Apr, in east delhi. i am from Punjab. I would prefer parlors for bridal makeup nearby only. is there any good one? howz lakme? i want to get it done frm Plum though but then it ll take atleast 1.5 hrs to reach the venue after getting ready and that ll kill the fresh look of makeup. pls pls pls sumone suggest.

  110. Hey Kanika

    First of all a big thank you to start this blog and especially this thread!!!

    I just recently got married in South Delhi and had booked Rakesh Seth for my events but due to some unforunate situation, my bookings got cancelled last minute and I had to book someone at the last minute.

    I booked Martina Wu in Shivalik and my cousin recommended her as she was previously with Ambica but now has her own setting.

    Well I can vouch for her for the work she did on me really, even I was surprised and is a total recommendation for any bride to be.

    I always wanted someone who does no do very loud make-up so Ambika n Vidya were a no-no for me always but Chandni was a lil too soft for my taste and yes expensive so thats why I had zeroed on Rakesh Seth (no doubt he's great). But I trusted Martina n she really did wonders on me n I simply loved her work. The good part is her staff does excellent hairdo as well.

    I can mail my pics if someone would like to checkout her work. She aint that expensive as well comparatively but her salon is pretty well known with good crowd always.


  111. Hello everyone, I hope all of u r enjoying ur wedding life. since u all got married last year i hope u could help me. I’m getting married in Nov 2012 in Delhi n I live in Canada. I have started during my planning as i dnt wana leave anything for d last moment. I really need help in finding the right makeup artist. I read many names in dis blog n was hoping if u cud send me ur pics and ur recommendation for the best makeup artist.

  112. Hi All, I live in New York and I am having my wedding in Delhi in December. It is a tamil wedding and I have no idea who is a good make up artist for South Indian type of weddings. Can anyone please suggest?

    Thank You


  113. Hi All,
    my wedding is in Jan, can someone please suggest which make up artist is better from all below,
    Meenakshi Dutt, Rakesh Seth and chandni Singh.


  114. I’ve been following this blog for quite sometime now, my wedding is in December. I’ve been looking for a make up artist for my self. I have been researching for a bit and met a few artists as well. The only thing Ive found common in some is that their make-up style is quite gaudy, also they are a little stubborn about their style of work. A friend of mine also got married recently who hired Aakriti Kochar for her cocktail and wedding. I met with her and explained exactly what I want. I researched her and her looks , I liked her style. Her make up is not at all gaudy and she gives avery classy yet simple look. She doesnt hide your natural features and in short doesnt make you look like a clown which Im sorry to say but most artists in Delhi do these days. The only drawback and weird thing I found was that Aakriti doesn’t give trials. But on looking through her work I was convinced she was what I was looking for. She is expensive I agree but she seems to be worth it. She has quoted a price of approx Rs.20000 for my cocktail and Rs25000 for my wedding since I’ve opted for the airbrush package. She is young but she has a good experience. On talking with her I found out she is the head make up artist and spokesperson for Oriflame India. It was quite assuring to know she has done make up for names like Demi Moore, Kate Moss and Mrs.Roberto Cavalli for a wedding in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. So how much could go wrong? lol.

    She made me feel comfortable and like doctors these days its important that a make up artist makes a bride feel the same way for the most important day in her life.

  115. Hey Girls,

    I have been following these blogs and came across so many talented makeup artists in Delhi. I got in touch with them and met a few whose work looked promising. I am finally booking Aakriti Kochar for my wedding makeup. Her work looks impressive and subtle , quite like the choices of us young girls. I suggest you all visit her facebook page : and definitely meet and decide for yourself.

    Best wishes

  116. Hi ladies.. can any1 plz suggest me a good bridal makeup artist near vaishali metro station?


  117. Hi,
    Has anybody tried Senior Artist Chavi at Ambika Pillai's salon? Any Reviews?