Friday, August 10, 2012

numenphotos: weddings travel studio

So here I am after many many days to bring to you fabulous photography by Sumit Saini!
Sumit is a dear friend and colleague from NID. Even though Sumit is a Product Designer, photography remains a passion for him and his love affair with camera started while still in NID. 
(me thinks his love affair with camera was triggered by the need to capture his beautiful lady love tsk tsk)

Here's what Sumit has to say about himself...

'I am a designer by profession and a photographer by zeal. My interest in photography began at the National Institute of Design Ahmedabad and gradually bloomed into an obsession. I like to capture the beauty of the everyday and reveal the core of what is beautiful. From the platform of "numenphotos", I offer visually and emotionally captivating photography, ranging from weddings to studio to travel.'

'My wedding photographs preserve the wonderful expressions in your life—a naughty look, a euphoric shout, a loving gesture, a light moment—in a fresh way.'

'Wedding photographs usually look like replicas of each other against different backdrops, but my photographs capture the story hidden behind each shot. I collect and distill those stories into pure memorabilia. I try to freeze the emotions so that you can relive the pleasure and excitement of the most significant days of your life.'

'Travelling is an ancient endeavor and it has accomplished so much that is part of our world today. My photographs capture what a new traveler feels when his eyes see something for the first time. Raw and compelling, my travel photographs will transport you to that place and time, removing all the distance between you and your destination.'

Thank you for sharing your work here Sumit!!

All Images Courtesy: Sumit Saini

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  1. The photography looks so approachable and fabulous. Good luck!
    I'm also a new professional wedding photographer from India and doing artistic photography and very fond of it.

  2. Hi, my name is Radha Priti and I’m from Brazil, but I’m a vaishnavi. In last December we had our engagement party, we also have a beautiful agni hotra ceremony in my house. If you want to put my pictures in you blog, please, send an e-mail at seeing what kind of information you want and how many pictures.
    Have a great day
    Radha Priti