Friday, October 14, 2011

So it is Karva Chauth tomorrow!! We call it KC these days...sounds cooler but the day remains the same....very traditional :)
My husband volunteered to fast last year along with me...but I told him no (women outlive men anyway :)!! These special days/festivals are for women...for them to socialize and have dress up and gossip with the girls and then extract gifts from from the husbands whose longevity we fasted for...if the husbands start fasting, they become equals and then the concept of gifting the wives become redundant no? Last year my husband gifted me fancy heels and a Ritu Kumar top....ummmmm what can I extract out of him this year??? Hahahah will keep you posted about that.

Meanwhile found an interesting link for further reading on KC.....check it here...

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