Wednesday, April 27, 2011

sweet something!

So today I am going to give you some cake options for your wedding, anniversary or any event in Delhi first and then Mumbai......

The Sweet Boutique is a Delhi based company, specializing in couture confectionery, started by Nitin Khurana and Ruchika Khurana (Founder of House of Design that specializes in wedding cards and boxes since 2001). 
This is what they have to say:

The boutique offers a feast of mithais, brownies, designer cakes and cupcakes for weddings and baby showers and a variety of unique Arabic desserts.
Everything is freshly baked to order, using only the finest natural ingredients like Californian almonds, Medjool dates and fine Belgian chocolate. You'll notice the difference when you bite into one of our marvellous chewy cookies or mouth watering brownies. As with everything we do, it's all about unique flavors and the highest quality ingredients.
Our chefs have been specially trained by a renowned Turkish chef to prepare exclusive Arabic delicacies like Baklava and Kunafa. In brownies, one can find mouth watering flavors like, butterscotch, peanut butter, Toblerone, Snickers, Mars among others. Our unique collection of cupcakes includes choco-caramel, Mars Bar cupcakes and many more.

Our presentation is exceptional, as we use flowers made of marzipan on our mithais. For occasions like baby showers we decorate the brownies and cookies with cute accessories like teddy bears, baby bottles etc.
Photo cakes and cupcakes is another unique product that we have to offer. For our vegetarian clients they offer a variety of eggless sweets and brownies.
Our contemporary specialized desserts not only look good, but also delight the taste buds. A bite of rich, sweet dessert melting in your mouth is a sensory experience like no other. So if you have a sweet tooth, we can assure you that you are at the right place!
I am hooked to this game!!
 Find them on here

This next cake shop is actually a cup cake shop and they were very generously giving out free heavenly bite sized cup cakes to all the exhibitors!! The shop is called Velvet frost and they bake in Andheri, Mumbai!
 These I can vouch for....I ate so many at the exhibition!!

this gal bakes cupcakes, cakes and cookies! Call her on 9699902553! You can alternatively mail her @ my tummy!!!


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