Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Coffee stains: Wedding Photographers

First of all I love the name! Chanced upon this Bangalore based company via facebook while going through a colleagues' wedding pictures and I am so glad I did. Their collection is awesome. Here are some pics for you to feast on!

Check them out here:


  1. Hey! lovely pics!!! Any suggestions for delhi based photographers???

  2. Funny how that works - browsing through friends' albums and chancing upon portfolios, profiles and websites - I do that a lot - not just to check out the competition [ I'm a wedding photographer - see knottytales.com ] but to look for vendors and collaborative partners as well :) Thanks for sharing - you've got some lovely stuff on your blog Kanika :)

  3. Great photos. It must have been a very charming and beautiful wedding.


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  4. Wow!! Nice Photographs!! Really I loved all pics. Please share more pics. Would love to see Indian Weddings Photos.

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