Thursday, December 16, 2010

Band Baaja Baaraat

Have you seen this new Yash Raj Movie yet? If not then I suggest you go and see is definitely worth a watch especially if you are a wedding planner or are planning your own wedding!!
 The movie is a riot of colour and full of it clothes or wedding decor :)

 I particularly loved this blue suit that Anushka Sharma is wearing...well all her clothes are super!!

The cast of the film is so refreshing and is a complete paisa vasool movie..and Indian Wedding Theme can hardly go wrong in hindi cinema don't you think??

 Even the songs of the movie are good!!

I do think however that the North Indians are going to enjoy the movie more than anyone else...The film is shot in Delhi, home to some of the grandest weddings in India!!
 Check out her sexy choli is this dance number!!

so go now what are you waiting for?

Costume Designer: Niharika Khan

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