Sunday, April 11, 2010

lets share: Guest Post by Blogger and Bride to be Sapphire!

I am super excited to share this space with Sapphire who is sharing with us her indian engagement pictures with us today...yay!!

This is Sapphire's story of loving and keeping her is how it happened by Sapphire..

The How We Met Story:
Two years ago, I went to a Scandinavian party in San Francisco. Being
a Scandinavian party, it was full of Swedes, Norwegians, the
occasional Danes and me, the Indian-American. After feeling like the
lonely duck, an unassuming but very good looking Swede spoke to me.
Three hours later of long conversations, I had butterflies in my

Flash forward to Sweden 2010, I am living in Sweden and loving the
cold little country on the North Pole. Okay, possibly not the cold.
The mysterious Swede and I have been together since that fateful day.
In January we celebrated our two year anniversary of meeting since we
could never establish a date when we 'officially started dating.' It
was another horribly cold day in Stockholm so we spent it inside,
enjoying a foot massage and champagne. We eventually went outside to
take a promenade and the whole time I could sense he was nervous. 'Is
he going to ask?' I reflected to myself. He didn't. We arrived home
and went to our favorite Italian restaurant for dinner. But he didn't
say anything then either.

Late that night, we were chatting on the bed. Me getting my foot rub
and hiding under the covers and him, of course giving the foot rub.
When my eyes starting drooping and my brain wandered to fuzzy land, I
heard quietly, "I've been thinking all day on how to do this and I
have to tell you now." And then he proposed. It was a Swedish
engagement; and we were both in our pajamas.

In March, we had a Hindi engagement in India and next year we will
have the wedding there as well. It will be full of colors and chaos.
Now begins the wedding planning...

Awww..don't the two of them look adorable!

Click here for Sapphire's full post about her Swedish Engagement on her blog..

This is a first for my blog and am so excited. Thank you Sapphire for sharing your wonderful moment with us:)
I'd like to wish you all the best for your life and the forthcoming wedding is a lot of fun and I know you'll have a great time doing so..
look forward to sharing your wedding pictures here too!


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