Thursday, March 25, 2010

lets share!!

Hi there..
Are you recently married, not so recently married or about to be married?? Would you like to share your old and new wedding experiences here with me?? I'd love to have you share your pictures, ideas, plans and thoughts here with me on this a guest blogger...

lets share...!!



  1. hey i have joined your blog recently and i simply love the way you have put together your wedding journey. Absolutely amazing!!!!

  2. Hi Sovina...I am glad you like my blog..
    You have a very interesting and beautiful blog yourself!

    thanks for the love

  3. Hi Kanika. Thanks for taking out the time to check out my blog. Hope to see more of you and heartiest congratulations for the new life..

  4. Hi Kanika.

    I would love to share my 2 cents! I'm Indian (raised in the US) and marrying a Swede. Oh, and we live in Sweden too.

    Thank you for telling us your story, it was really wonderful to read!

    My blog is at

  5. Hi Sapphire!
    thanks for visiting my blog...i am off to check out yours..all the best and i am in love with Scandinavian designs!

  6. Thanks Kanika! Let me know what you think.

    Have you checked out Marimekko? It's a Finish design company that has mostly Nordic designers under them. I love their stuff.

  7. Oh yes i have....and i start drooling everytime i come across their awesome prints!

  8. I am in love with Sanna Annukka, the finnish designer. I LOVE her bold prints. It's too bad I cannot afford them all.

    Anyway, if you would like me to share some photos of our engagement, I would be glad to do so. =)

  9. Hey sapphire! That'll be great! just send me your pics along with a write up on how you guys met and what both of you do and who proposed and how..and i'll put them up...thanks for sharing....its a good feeling!


  10. Hey Kanika !!

    I would like to share my story with you. I am not sure,whether you remember me or not, but I am the one who sent you my engagement pics. Please let me know if can share my story via your blog. Take care & god bless :)
    Regards, Sunita Nayak Sharma

  11. Hi rinki!

    sure i'd love to have you share you story here
    just mail me ur pics and ur story at

    thanks for sharing!