Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wedding Photographer Amna Hakim

the bride and these pictures by Amna Hakim are so gorgeous! now i want a saree just like the lehnga above...with heavy zardozi!

Love the colour combination too!

Any suggestions where to pick something like this from??
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  1. oh my gosh.. this is simply gorgeous... I hope you find something like this..

  2. Patricia i so hope i find something like this too...but where...maybe i should start posting my requirements here someone will respond don't you think??

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  4. Hi guys! This is Amna Hakim - I'm the photographer who took the pictures above :) I was randomly googling myself and found this blog! pretty cool!! :)

    Acha so the bride's outfit was from NUCREATION in Toronto. I just thought I would let you know since you were wondering where to get something like this.

    All the best for your wedding! I hope you get everything that you want and more!


  5. Hi Amna!
    I am so glad that you found me :)I'm a huge fan of your wedding Photography!
    Thanks for sharing the link..I am off to check it out now!

    :)Thanks again!

  6. Patricia I found similar kind of techniques and work (zardozi)yayay!! Its goingt o be a Sari for me and in a different colour...I receive it in a month's time though!:)

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  8. Hey Kanika, I have been following your blog since a week now and its pretty amazing. I am going to be a bride myself, by this year end. So,just wanted to know: where did you buy your saree from??

  9. Its simply superb: